Dr. Bergstrom utilizes the latest medications, lasers and surgical techniques to preserve vision and is available for consultation, second opinions, and management.

Walking into the clinic, patients are warmly greeted by staff in the woodsy atmosphere and cozy glowing stone fireplace. There’s even a Cozy Cove play area for kids! Above the fireplace mantel reads the sign, “In this room wait the world’s greatest patients. We thank you for being a part of what we do.”

Just across the room, in a rustic hutch filled with antique vision artifacts, is another framed plaque explaining why M.D. stands for “My Daddy.”

“We know our patients by name,” Dr. Bergstrom noted. “The coffee is always on, and it may sound cliché, but we treat people how we would like to be treated.

Our new facility uses the latest in technology and was built around the laser vision suite – dedicated to procedures with advanced humidity and temperature controls. We are also using green technology with geothermal heating and cooling.

Northern Plains Surgery Center

While laser surgeries are performed in our facility, intraocular surgeries are performed at a shared Surgery Center. Dr. Bergstrom is proud to use the Northern Plains Surgery Center as his primary surgical facility.

NPSC is a Medicare-certified facility dedicated to providing World Class eye care, close to home. It was established in 1999 by Dr. Bergstrom and other local eye surgeons who felt there was a need to provide world-class technology and treatments close to home. To date, this facility has performed over 30,000 eye-related procedures, including over 25,000 cataract surgeries, the leader by far in our region.

Eye surgery costs are less than a hospital and the Medicare assignment amounts fully cover surgeries. The care you will receive at NPSC is second to none with literally thousands of satisfied patients who are thrilled about their experience and surgical outcomes.

Approximately 1/3 of our surgeries are performed in satellite locations. Dr. Bergstrom also performs surgery at Bridges Medical Center in Ada Minnesota and Detroit Lakes Minnesota.



We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the latest technological developments in our fields, desiring to provide world class eye care close to home. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars so that our patients can stay close to home. Some of this technology in our office includes:

– A-Scan: Both immersion, contact and IOL master.
– Heideberg Retinal Tomogram: For detecting and following glaucoma, North Dakota’s first!
– Ocular Coherence Tomography (Oct): To detect & follow pathology from the cornea, retina & optic nerves.
– Orbscan II: Used to detect various corneal disorders at the earliest stage.
– Applanation Tonometry: No need for the “puff” to detect pressure
– VISX Star S4 Laser with Wave Scan technology: Nobody does it better
– Hand Held Keratometer: To provide accurate measurements for patients with mobility issues
– Ellman Surgitron: For surgery with less bleeding.
– SLT laser: Provides state of the art glaucoma laser treatment.
– In Office Operative Suite: Provides a temperature, humidity and lighting controlled environment for optimal surgical outcomes.
– Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer:Add Description
– Argon Lasers:Add Description
– YAG Lasers:Add Description
– Topography:Add Description
– Autorefractor:Add Description
– Tomey: It checks the epithelial cell count.



At Bergstrom Eye and Laser Clinic, our goal is to provide the highest quality of care in a compassionate and ethical manner. We believe that vision is one of our most precious gifts.

I was very impressed by Bergstrom Eye and Laser Clinic from the very moment I scheduled my first appointment. All of the staff treated me with care and professionalism. Each person I had contact with treated my like I was the only patient, which was refreshing. All my questions were answered and I never felt rushed. My vision is near perfect. I wish I would not have worried so much about the surgery. I would never hesitate to recommend Dr. Bergstrom and his staff. 


My experience was wonderful. I have worn glasses since I was in 4th grade. I just continued to get nearsighted. I couldn’t even see the large neon lights on my alarm clock on my nightstand before my surgery. After surgery I could already tell the difference. I could see without my contact lenses. It is so wonderful to not have to put in my contact to see in the morning. My healing process went well also. I had very little pain and only used drops when my eyes were dry. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bergstrom’s clinic to anyone thinking about Lasik eye surgery.

– Danielle Breuer

There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning and not having to put on my glasses or put in my contact to do everyday activities. Once again, I would like to thank Dr. Bergstrom and his staff on the tremendous job.

– Jon Kapp

I had a very positive experience starting from my inquiring phone calls to the day of my actual surgery. The lady who spoke with me on the phone made it possible for me to be able to get my appointment time sooner than the date she has quoted to me. I had a specific reason to get in sometime sooner in the next 2 weeks because my husband travels and he would be home to be my driver. She strove to accommodate me. I live 80 miles away. The personal service and the Lasik surgery were a very positive experience. Everyone was very kind and patient in answering my questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Bergstrom.

– Judy Westerman

My surgery experience was great. I was taking classes out of town over the summer so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to fit surgery in. The staff at Bergstrom Eye and Laser Clinic, however, was more than helpful in accommodating my schedule. Now that I am back at school at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, it is great not having to worry about my vision. Thank you Dr. Bergstrom and staff.

– Issac Zimmerman

I've had poor vision since 3rd grade. I was almost a -1300 when I came to see Dr. Bergstrom. I have been told for years by other doctors that my vision was “too bad” and that Lasik surgery was not for me. Dr. Bergstrom and his great staff did a number of tests on me and the final conclusion was I could finally be helped! I had my 1st surgery and 10 diopters were take off which means I was a -1300 and today I am -3.00. In a few months I will have my next procedure done to totally correct my vision. What I appreciate most is the in-depth care from the entire staff. Everyone has been so friendly and has celebrated along with me and I can finally see after almost 40 years of very poor eyesight. Dr. Bergstrom is always willing to see me with dry eye issues or contact lens changes in my eyes in the 1st healing part after my surgery. The aftercare is fantastic and so personable as well. And last, but not least – Teri, you’re the best! Always a smile on your face to share!

– Cindy Seicer

Thanks to Dr. Bergstrom, I was able to have Lasik surgery. Due to my complex medical conditions, no other doctor would dare to perform Lasik on me. Dr. Bergstrom and his staff did a lot of preliminary testing on my eyes free of charge, to insure I was a candidate for a safe and successful outcome. My vision is almost perfect and still improving everyday, just like they had explained to me. It’s amazing and I still can’t believe it at times! I wore glasses for over 35 years and now I can pick out sunglasses. Our children are amazed that Mom can see the alarm clock on her bedside. I am too! Than you Dr. Bergstrom and staff for the freedom my new eyes give me.

– Ronda Smith

I could not be happier with my lasik surgery. The only regret I have is I wish I would have done it years ago. I do not miss my contacts or my glasses. I love being able to see clearly when I wake up, and no hassles with lenses. Also hats off your your staff – very professional, knowledgeable and caring. My experience was an excellent one. I would recommend your service to anyone. Thank you.

– Ann Nelson

Before surgery I couldn’t cross a room without my glasses and/or contacts. For someone who had such bad astigmatism, contacts didn’t work well for me either. This surgery was a dream of mine for years. Such a dream, I forgot to be nervous until minutes before the procedure The actual surgery was painless and not even uncomfortable but WOW was it strange seeing things so close. After (my nap was relaxing) I could already see – even better than with my glasses. It’s been months since that day and I still can’t believe I don’t need corrective eye wear and I even forget that I don’t have to take out my contacts and not reach for my glasses in the morning. This has been a life changing and awesome experience for me and thankfully, I was an ideal case.

– Jennifer Rheault

Amazing! In less than 24 hours, I had 20/25 vision. Now I have 20/20! It is a blessing to be able to see perfectly at any given time! The staff have been wonderful in assisting and answering questions! This is the best purchase/investment for the amount of money I’ve ever spent! The actual surgery was a cool experience too. Thanks to all at Bergstrom's clinic.

– Holly Hanson