Bergstrom Eye Surgery in Haiti

Dr. Bergstrom has a longstanding interest in medical mission work. He has done mission trips to Africa, Indonesia, and most recently to Haiti. Bergstrom Eye Clinic has established a full clinic in Pignon, Haiti. This last year, a team of 21 went for 10 days and saw approximately 1,000 patients, distributed 600 pairs of glasses and did nearly 100 surgeries. Materials and equipment, totaling nearly $400,000, was donated for this trip of all volunteers. There is a tremendous need in Pignon. Haiti is the poorest country in our hemisphere and Pignon is one of the poorest area in the country of Haiti with an average per capita income of $400 per year. The eye services that we provide are the only eye care that is available to the entire region serving over 1,000 patients. Dr. Bergstrom would like to send a team every six months if possible as schedule allows. We are only able to go once a year which is usually in February. If you are finding in your heart that you would like to contribute to the ongoing mission work in Pignon, Haiti, you can give a donation to Bergstrom Eye and Laser Clinic, c/o Haiti Eye Mission, and it is completely tax deductible. The expenses are considerable and costs approximately $2,000 per person to go down to Haiti, including airfare and room and board. Pignon has an epidemic of both cataracts and glaucoma. Any eye care they receive is greatly appreciated by the residents of that area.

Haiti Eye Mission
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