2018 Haiti Mission Trip

Dr. Bergstrom, along with a team of 22 people will travel to Pignon, Haiti on February 7th for 10 days.   Dr. Bergstrom has a longstanding interest in medical mission work and has participated in mission trips to Africa, Indonesia, and most recently to Haiti for the past 5 years.  Bergstrom Eye and Laser Clinic has established a full clinic in Pignon, Haiti. Last year, a team of 21 visited Haiti for 10 days and treated approximately 1,000 patients, distributed 600 pairs of glasses and performed nearly 100 surgeries. Haiti is the poorest country in the northern hemisphere and Pignon, located in the central plateau region of Haiti, is one of the poorest areas in the country of Haiti, with an average per capita income of $250 per year. The eye services that are provided in the clinic is the only eye care that is available to the entire region. Dr. Bergstrom’s wish would be to send a team to the clinic every six months. Currently, due to considerable expenses ($1,500 per person), the team is only able to travel to Haiti once a year, usually in February. Pignon has an epidemic of both cataracts and glaucoma, but eye care received is greatly appreciated by the residents of that area.

Tax deductible donations can be made by clicking the donate button or can be mailed to : Haiti Eye Mission, c/o Bergstrom Eye and Laser Clinic, 2601 University Drive South, Fargo, ND  58103.  Funds raised will be used to purchase and ship supplies to Haiti, as well as clinic and building maintenance.